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Disoft LogoI got my first employment as IT technician and software developer at Disoft a small company in Innsbruck.

My former boss told me one day that the reason he hired me was because I took two upgrade training courses for HTML and Windows NT. Aside from the courses topic it was important to him that I was willing to learn. It was the time where Java Server Pages where getting popular and specially in this region nobody knew about this technology. So since every new employee would have had to learn JSP the willingness to do so was most important to him.

So I started my IT career from scratch by learning Java Server Pages. I got in touch with Java Script and later on also with pure Java.
Since at this time I was the only fulltime employee I also had to maintain the whole IT infrastructure including servers. This way I learned about Linux, Sun Solaris and Oracle. Retrospective it was kind risky of my boss to put me in charge for the systems in spite of little knowledge of the matter. But I learned quickly.

One of the most remarkable memories was to see the whole smartphone market come to life. At the times where no one would have had every dreamed of anything like an iphone I had an prototype in my hands from one of the first companies who tried to merge an handheld computer with an mobile phone. We wrote software for this device what everyone knows now as MMS.

Disregarding some troubles it was a very interesting time and I have learned a lot. Unfortunately the company is no longer in existence.

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