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After a few small contracts in similar areas I raised my skills in dealing with people and different situations by working in field service for a company what was selling primarily POS appliances and software. Also hard and software in the hotel industry.

My job consisted basically in installing the hardware client server systems, server rack systems for oracle cluster and software interfaces to other vendors for example Telephone, Aircondition or other POS systems.
Our business partners and customers came from all over Austria and therefore I had to travel a lot. But since I really enjoy driving it was a great opportunity to gather experiences from many different specifications and requirements. To meet so many diverse kind of people was also a great part of this work.

At some point in time I saw a chance to learn more about what it needs to drive a business, quitted my employment and started as small business entrepreneur. This was mainly to learn more about sales, accounting and self management. Funny detail, my main customer was my last employer Hugin Sweda. I did this work till I got the chance to work at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information.

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