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Network recognition

Look, I see why you want to make sure that people who are, normal, like my grandmother, have a network connection. Everytime!

The otherside is, I know what I do. My network is established. Your "make a request to ensure we have network request" is blocked in my network. The reason for this is that I don't want you to know when an where I connect to what network.

So, MY device is connected to MY network. But because it can't reach your f...ing survailance server it tells me, I'M NOT CONNECTED.


I will not take your article seriously

if there is no date when the content was created.

These days, if you are looking for technical information and there is no date on an article or comment, it is probably out of date and there are better solutions.

Also, I generally block all JavaScript with NoScript, so if I open your page and it doesn't show any content without JS enabled, I'll close it.
The next step in this regard is if I enable JS just because your domain has a feature that requires JS and then the page goes blank, I never come back.

Just a thought...